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Shine On

All this Sparkle made us reminisce about previous shoots. Flash back to this amazing shoot and concept by Jono Nienaber of Pure Studio , shot in his magnificent garden on even more magnificent persian rugs.


| All of a sudden I miss everyone | NixonMakeUp | JoNo Nienaber – Pure Studio| Monique Nel

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Movie/Series Inspired Fashion

Back at our studio, we have threatened countless times to blog about movie/series inspired fashion. To date we had not really been motivated by current programming until we came across an old rerun fashion favorite – Sex and the City 2, and felt somewhat obliged to blog about a movie, and certainly a series that will go down in the cult classic of any fashion connesiours consciousness.

Sex and the City 2 sees style icon journalist and book author Carrie Bradshaw jet off to Saudi Arabia with her fabulous fashion clad friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, for what must be the most exotic girls holiday to date.

Whilst it is styled in a very unrealistic manner, the visual indulgence that is the talented Patricia Field is not only something to behold, but gets a girl thinking about the extent of her holiday wardrobe.

On that note, we have decided to blog about their side trip to the desert in awe of four fabulous characters that remain TV’s fashion Queens and our take on desert worthy glamour.

Which got us thinking about these 4 characters and how they relate to this years Durban July theme 2016 ” Leader of the Pack “. We allocated each leading lady to a suit Queen within a pack of cards based on their personalities. It’s a different take on the theme and a little self indulgent …..but who could resist ?





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Leader of the Pack

Every year we get asked how race day attendees should interpret the Durban July theme. The reference and theme outline suggests the use of a deck of playing cards as a point of inspiration. The joy of the July is that it is about taking hints from the theme as opposed to literally.  Above all the event is about having fun and being creative with the fashion brief.

Want to join us for a day through to evening Durban July-” Leader of the Pack 2016″ exclusive preview at Gateway? e-mail us at for dates , promotions and in store activation surrounding this event.