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Movie/Series Inspired Fashion

Back at our studio, we have threatened countless times to blog about movie/series inspired fashion. To date we had not really been motivated by current programming until we came across an old rerun fashion favorite – Sex and the City 2, and felt somewhat obliged to blog about a movie, and certainly a series that will go down in the cult classic of any fashion connesiours consciousness.

Sex and the City 2 sees style icon journalist and book author Carrie Bradshaw jet off to Saudi Arabia with her fabulous fashion clad friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, for what must be the most exotic girls holiday to date.

Whilst it is styled in a very unrealistic manner, the visual indulgence that is the talented Patricia Field is not only something to behold, but gets a girl thinking about the extent of her holiday wardrobe.

On that note, we have decided to blog about their side trip to the desert in awe of four fabulous characters that remain TV’s fashion Queens and our take on desert worthy glamour.

Which got us thinking about these 4 characters and how they relate to this years Durban July theme 2016 ” Leader of the Pack “. We allocated each leading lady to a suit Queen within a pack of cards based on their personalities. It’s a different take on the theme and a little self indulgent …..but who could resist ?





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The Maxi Dress

Wedding season is upon us and what better than a maxi dress to invest in for such an occasion. The more inexpensive ones currently in the market do tend to skimp on fabric but are great for day wear, as most are comfy cotton knit variations. If the more expensive ones catch your eye, perhaps opting for a solid colour is wise to increase use, as printed ones are noticeable from event to event.

Wear with a striking necklace for full on evening glamour or grab a stole for cooler evenings. A lot of wedding invites these days do call for a wedge or flat option for ladies due to the location limitations – a maxi dress is ideal as it is smart for such an occasion.

There is a maxi dress for every body shape and every budget this season . Whether you are a girlie girl or sporty non-dress wearing lass this trend is for everyone.

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Looking for a quick, easy wearing fashion fix? Look no further than a romper. Not to be confused with a jumpsuit, this item is a modern take on the original definition of a romper. Originally a romper was referred to as a one piece for children and in more modern times as a “onesy.”

A romper, more specifically, is a short’s suit. Shorts have become a part of everyday life and a wardrobe staple to anyone’s wardrobe that cares about fashion.

In our opinion Taylor Swift has given this trend new life and it is particularly popular amongst young people and celebrities.

From Viscose to Sequins this is a hot item on the fashion scene and certainly worth owning.

Kathrin Kidger – Contrast romper (In store this Friday 18 March 2016)


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The Shirtdress

From the boardroom to the bar, the “shirtdress” is a must have this season. This item, essentially derived from a men’s shirt ( i.e garment consisting of a button stand and collar) is incredibly versatile and easy to wear. No matter your age, this item is a classic must have for any woman’s wardrobe.


How to Wear the Shirtdress

The above three pictures of Shirtdresses are readily available at our Gateway branch.