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Sequin Win

“ All that glitters is not gold “

Remember that moment you had last season when you were in two minds about purchasing that sequin statement piece?

Well now is the time for extreme FOMO as sequins rear their glittery head for yet another season.

There is something just so whimsical, fun and textural about them that one season was simply not enough to fathom.

Wearing this visual delight of a fabrication is no longer limited to cocktail / evening attire this season.

But don’t overdo it, sequins during the day is about simple, clean silhouette’s paired with more simplistic shapes ( i.e matt sequin skirt with classic white shirt).






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Check Mate, plaid and simple

Ever attended a teddy bears picnic?   Well be prepared to fall in love and wear every checked picnic blanket you have ever seen fashioned into coats, whimsical tops and dresses alike this season.

Checks of all sorts are set to take center stage this spring/summer.  If you have an old checked number in your wardrobe, update it with a floral decal; after all there is nothing more vogue then up cycling an old wardrobe staple.

Alternatively play it safe with a checked blazer, or wear this fabrication in a daring dress silhouette.  Either way this fabrication is the perfect transitional piece.


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Shine On

All this Sparkle made us reminisce about previous shoots. Flash back to this amazing shoot and concept by Jono Nienaber of Pure Studio , shot in his magnificent garden on even more magnificent persian rugs.


| All of a sudden I miss everyone | NixonMakeUp | JoNo Nienaber – Pure Studio| Monique Nel

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Movie/Series Inspired Fashion

Back at our studio, we have threatened countless times to blog about movie/series inspired fashion. To date we had not really been motivated by current programming until we came across an old rerun fashion favorite – Sex and the City 2, and felt somewhat obliged to blog about a movie, and certainly a series that will go down in the cult classic of any fashion connesiours consciousness.

Sex and the City 2 sees style icon journalist and book author Carrie Bradshaw jet off to Saudi Arabia with her fabulous fashion clad friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, for what must be the most exotic girls holiday to date.

Whilst it is styled in a very unrealistic manner, the visual indulgence that is the talented Patricia Field is not only something to behold, but gets a girl thinking about the extent of her holiday wardrobe.

On that note, we have decided to blog about their side trip to the desert in awe of four fabulous characters that remain TV’s fashion Queens and our take on desert worthy glamour.

Which got us thinking about these 4 characters and how they relate to this years Durban July theme 2016 ” Leader of the Pack “. We allocated each leading lady to a suit Queen within a pack of cards based on their personalities. It’s a different take on the theme and a little self indulgent …..but who could resist ?





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Black and White

Let’s face a few fashion realities – Black and White may possibly be in the Ten Commandments of Fashion.   Whether it’s floral, stripes or a bold graphic print there is something timeless, classic and chic about this combination.

Here are a few tips on how to interpret the trend using existing items in your wardrobe.



Whilst Black and white may be a wardrobe staple, keeping them looking fresh is often hard to achieve without some sound advice on washing them. Garments that contain both black and white are often the hardest to manage. The black often “bleeds” into the white, making the white look greyish in appearance.

Here are a few tips to ensure your whites don’t go yellow and your blacks fade a little slower.