Signature Styles

Kathrin Kidger Signature Styles are crafted and executed with the wearers evolving needs, wants and desires in mind. Kathrin realizes that as a woman, you move through the various stages of womanhood and need key pieces that can be coveted in their wardrobe no matter that season of their lives.

Women of today have ever changing roles in society and their wardrobe is a key reflection to that sentiment. From the boardroom, to the school run, from a keynote speech, to a glitzy cocktail function, let a signature style tell your story.

As woman  their wardrobe needs evolve season on season so do these signature pieces.  Whether it is the fabrication, a gusset or a clever sleeve detail we pride ourselves in relooking, curating and updating these key pieces season on season.  It is imperative to the team at Kathrin Kidger Designs that the wearer feels supported in her choice of piece. And that this item truly fulfills its potential as an investment piece.

Our Signature Styles embody pure femininity, style and are a curated expression of all that is Kathrin Kidger.  Developed lovingly over a period of time, these styles never lose their appeal as they are updated seasonally.   Always timeless, always beautiful, the combination of vibrant colours makes these designs an expression of beauty and grace.

The core ethos behind this line is that the styles must transcend time and are pieces that can be cherished by generations to come.  Crafted with an eye to detail, made in high-end fabrications and cut to perfection, we pride ourselves on these very styles that have become a Kathrin Kidger hallmark.

Flattering to all figure types and effortlessly wearable with pride to any event, from the poolside to the red carpet, let a Kathrin Kidger signature piece be your wardrobe staple, this generation to the next.